First Scholarship Application Deadline:

April 30

Second Scholarship Deadline (if funds still available):

May 31

‚ÄčAny scholarship fund request may be

rejected after June 1.

Scholarships are available through various sources for The Singing Buckeyes Harmony Camp.  Our chorus has a general scholarship fund.  Other organizations and individuals also offer scholarship funds, which sometimes have special requirements on them (gender or location are the most common) and sometimes do not.

When you apply for a scholarship, we look for a match for your demographic first. If none is found, we may grant scholarship dollars from a general account.

Scholarships  are given on a first-come, first serve basis.  No student is ever given a "full" scholarship to camp, as we find that students and families who contribute something to their camp experience have a greater investment in it.

Deadlines are listed on this page. 

Please be aware that in order to be considered for a scholarship, student must be registered for camp already.

Scholarship Policy &

‚ÄčApplication Form

Scholarship Deadlines

Scholarship Form